US wins World Cup

In a thrilling [sic] climax to the Baseball World Cup in Taipei, South Korea, the capitalist warmongers of Bush’s North American Axis of Greed defeated the gallant comrade brethren of Fidel’s Cuban Revolutionary Baseball commissariat.

In other words, America beat Cuba.

It’s not perhaps such a surprise that the Yanks won the world cup of baseball. It is their national sport, after all. You’d expect them to be pretty darn good at it. (Insert comments about football and our own national team’s woeful record here).

Nor were there many eyebrows raised at Cuba taking second place. And Japan came third (we love Tom Selleck in Mr Baseball, by the way).

But in fourth place – you’ll never guess who…

Canada? Mexico? Puerto Rico? No – Holland came third. The Dutchies are good at baseball. Who’d have thought it, eh?

(Image: from Geren W Mortensen Jr.'s flickr stream)

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