Where to watch US Open tennis live online

The US Open is the final of the four major tournaments in the tennis calendar comprising the coveted Grand Slam. The event kicks off at the end of August and runs into the second week of September. If you are a tennis fan and don't have access to sports cable TV channels, then read on to find out about watching US Open tennis live and online.

A quick search online for live tennis streaming will bring up an extensive list of options, however, the key is finding a reliable source.

Pick of the bunch is Watchlivetennis.org, which provides links to all major Grand Slam events and ATP and WTP tours. Once you have opened the homepage you are greeted by a list of all matches taking place that day. Next to the match is a link that will take you immediately to US Open tennis live and direct.

To access the streams of Watchlivetennis.org, viewers are required to register an account and pay a one-off subscription. At present this is either $12.95 for 1-year or $19.95 for 2-year unlimited access. Payments can be made via PayPal or visa and debit card.

You may have heard of free online sports streams, but considering the low subscription fee, registering with Watchlivetennis.org is a must for true tennis fans. By doing so, not only do you get uninterrupted coverage, but you also grant yourself access to matches wherever you are in the world. Furthermore, if you are travelling, or busy at work, you can catch up with events by viewing the extensive back catalogue of matches.

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