The best thing about the Christmas period isn't the joyous time spent with your irritating kin, or the rivers of booze and mountains of food that you shovel down your neck like the disgusting glutton you are, or even the festive football calendar.

No, the best thing about Christmas is the darts, and not the rubbish BBC one either; we're talking about the proper darts, with Phil Taylor chewing up the competition like he no doubt piles through turkey sandwiches.

This year he sealed his 15th world title, breezing his way through the tournament without breaking a sweat, despite the fact the contenders were probably tougher than they have been for years. Last night he beat the Aussie Simon Whitlock 7-3, a man who had beaten Raymond Van Barneveld in the semis 6-5 after being 4-2 down and who had regularly been taking out three figure checkouts, capping off a great tournament.

'I think that's one of the greatest finals – no disrespect to the others,' said Taylor afterwards. 'It was hard work but this is everything I've ever dreamed of and practised for. When we went for the break Simon said, "I'm coming after you, I'm not going to give in, you know," and I said, "I know". It's been absolutely brilliant and I'm so chuffed.

'I'm just proud of the way I played,' said Whitlock. 'I think I pushed Phil a bit and next year I'm going to come back stronger. It's changed my whole life. I can move over here and can play on the circuit now. I hope this support continues for all of my life. I'll keep trying and will never give up in trying to become a world champion.'

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