United players put off by crowd

Some Manchester United players complained last night that the Lyon crowd were not very friendly. A United insider says that several members of the team, playing the first leg of the Champions League tie, noticed several of the crowd singing in French and generally supporting their own side. At one stage, the insider tells us, a section of the crowd booed when Carlos Tevez scored, equalising against Lyon, and didn’t clap and applaud as is the custom at Old Trafford.

“We will be taking this up with the highest authorities in the land,” says the insider. “How dare the French show us such disrespect? As if the crowd’s hostility wasn’t bad enough, the blighters then had the audacity to score against us.”

Uefa was unavailable for comment this morning but we understand that an official enquiry will be held. Its aim will be to determine whether the crowd trouble was sufficient to warrant Manchester United being crowned world champions, as compensation for the distress it caused to some of its multi-millionaire squad.

Ronaldo also had a torch shone in his face during the warm-up but, thankfully, is making a full recovery. Surgery is not required.

(Image: from kevinee’s flickr stream)

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