United get more injury time when behind

A study by The Guardian has revealed that Manchester United benefit from more stoppage time than any other Premier League club. The research comes in the wake of the Red Devils' controversial late win over rivals City at the weekend.

Manchester City manager Mark Hughes was fuming about the time-keeping at Old Trafford on Sunday with Michael Owen scoring a 95th minute winner despite the fourth official signalling that there would be just four minutes of added time.

Speaking about the amount of injury-time that United receive at Old Trafford Hughes remarked: "Historically it has happened before. I was in teams here who had that benefit and I never thought it was an issue because I actually thought we had a bad time by referees. Since I left I have probably changed my view."

The article in The Guardian claims that since 2006/2007 'there has been over a minute extra added by referees when United do not have the lead after 90 minutes, compared to when they are in front. In 48 games when United were ahead, the average amount of stoppage time was 191.35 seconds. In 12 matches when United were drawing or losing there was an average of 257.17sec.'

The Guardian's study concludes with the claim that 'there is also evidence to support the suspicions of many managers, players and supporters that United get preferential treatment at home' The findings look set to make Mark Hughes' blood boil even more than on Sunday.

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