Uneasy Tiger

Considering the fair turbulent time he’s had recently, Tiger Woods didn’t do too badly in The Masters at the weekend. Joint fourth after having a very public marital breakdown, being outed as wanton love dog and sent for treatment for sex addiction by his furious wife, of who he still isn’t sure whether he’s going with, isn’t too shabby. However, the golf superstar has decided to take another break from the game, despite this.

Woods said that he didn’t feel comfortable on the course, which is an incredible admission from someone who shot 11 under par at Augusta during a major championship, and that he was going to leave his clubs in the bag for a while and take stock of his life.

‘I felt very uneasy on every shot I hit out there,' he said after his apparently disappointing weekend. 'I wanted to win this tournament. As the week went along, I kept hitting the ball worse. It was not very good. I'm going to take a little time off and kind of re-evaluate things.’

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