Underdog Giants triumph

Somewhere around 100 million people tuned in to watch American football’s championship game last night. If you’re looking to comment on the game to American friends with authority, or if you need ammunition to show off in the pub tonight, here some stuff you may now know about the Patriots and the Giants.

The New England Patriots
• If they’d won, they would have been the first team ever to get 19 wins in a season
• Won three Superbowls in the last five years
• Were caught cheating at the beginning of the season (videotaping rival coaches to see what plays they were calling)
• Quarterback Tom Brady is dating supermodel Giselle Bundchen. ‘Nuff said.

The New York Giants
• Were 12-point underdogs for the Superbowl
• Played their hearts out in their regular season loss against the Patriots, even though that game had no playoff implications and most reporters thought the Giants should have rested their star players
• Quarterback Eli Manning was once in the shadow of older brother Payton (Colt’s quarterback and last year’s Superbowl MVP)

Some may feel bad for Tom Brady. But the way we see it, any man who is dating Gisele Bundchen can’t get too upset about losing a little game of football.

(Image: from justin’s flickr stream)

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