Un classico hammering

They billed last night’s El Classico as a clash between the two finest club sides in the world, and the two finest players in the world, but after 90 minutes of magical football Barcelona showed that they are still the top dogs in Spain, and probably Europe.

Barca thrashed Real Madrid 5-0 in a show of casual dominance that can’t have been what Jose Mourinho was after, with Lionel Messi once again outshining Cristiano Ronaldo, and their midfield toying with Madrid’s Barca leapfrog Mourinho’s side and take top spot in the league, but The Special One refused to be too downhearted.

‘One team played to their potential and one didn't,’ said Mourinho. ‘Loss, yes - humiliation, no. It was a defeat we deserved, we just weren't good enough. I have spoken to my players and I told them the season has not ended. Who knows what can still happen this year?

Also, the championship isn't over today. We are two points behind the leaders but there are lots of games left to play. We have to show character, train hard and get back to winning. I wish we were playing tomorrow.

‘You have to have character - when you lose by five goals you can't leave crying, you have to go and work harder. You never want to lose by these numbers.’

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