Uefa's green light

You may or may not have read about Labour’s grand plans to help football fans have a serious say in the running of their clubs (if you didn't, have a look right here), to the tune of up to a 25% stake in the sale of clubs and a ‘change of control’ clause that would give fans a window in which to buy them out completely. Of course, given that we’re nearing a general election, the Tories have claimed that they were working on these very same plans, and one doesn’t have to stick their neck to out to assume that this is complete nonsense.

However, it is nice to see that the issue of fan ownership has made it as far up the national news agenda as to bother the two squabbling monsters that dominate our political scene, with Labour’s proposals not only having the backing of many fans, but also Michel Platini, the president of UEFA, who thinks it’s the best way for clubs to protect their local identity.

‘Personally, I think it is a great idea ... that the supporters invest in a club because they at the end of the day defend the club's identity,’ Platini said. ‘They are always there. They are always watching the games.

‘There are clubs now where the president is not a national of the country, the coach is not a national of the country and the players are not nationals of the country. The only ones to have any kind of identity are the supporters.’

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