Uefa to investigate Real Madrid

Uefa have said that they will investigate the claims that Real Madrid told Xavi Alonso and Sergio Ramos to deliberately get themselves sent off after picking up yellow cards in their match against Ajax last night.

As you can see in the video below, both players get themselves sent off for time wasting at set pieces, with Madrid 4-0 up and cruising. But why would they do such a thing? It’s suspected because being sent off would mean that they would be banned from their final game in the group stages of the Champions League, a dead rubber against Auxerre next month, instead of risking being banned for a match in the knock-out stages. Jose Mourinho however, wasn’t all that keen on talking about it.

‘I spoke with many players throughout the game, not only with Ramos and Alonso,’ said Mourinho. ‘Stories sell, but the important thing is the 4-0 win and the fantastic game we had. Let's talk about that and not other things.

‘The sendings-off came after an easy game where the referee has shown some strange yellows. They are cards that I don't like. It was an easy game to control. Ajax made a lot of fouls and in the first from Ramos he was shown a yellow card.’

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