Uefa open disciplinary proceedings against Arsene Wenger

Uefa have decided to open disciplinary proceedings against Arsene Wenger for 'not abiding by the decisions of the Uefa control and disciplinary body', after he was caught passing messages down to his players during Arsenal's Champions League qualifier with Udinese on Tuesday.

Wenger had been suspended from the touchline for the match, but was seen passing messages to Pat Rice from the stands and via his first-team coach Boro Primorac. Wenger says he is surprised at being charged, saying that he doesn't think they have done anything wrong.

'We are completely open to any inquiry,' he said. 'We have nothing to hide and we don't think we've done anything wrong. Frankly, you don't ever know what a manager's ban is. I did not communicate with the bench. I did watch the game from the directors' box. That was quite enjoyable. That's it. If they want to make an inquiry, we have nothing against that. We had spoken to Uefa prior to the game, exactly. That's what we did.

'That's why I'm quite surprised that they need an inquiry. They gave us rules and we observed strictly what they told us. After the game, or during the game, the rules changed. I didn't go to the dressing room. You can only do the part of the rules that's interesting for them… 15 minutes after the game you talk to the media, but you cannot go to the dressing room.'

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