U2 move Juventus match

If you don’t think U2 are the biggest band in the world then think again: how many bands do you know who would be able to force a major Italian football team to move a key match so they can use their stadium to play a gig?

Footballing giants Juventus were due to face Shamrock Rovers in the Europa League on 6th August but U2 have managed to commandeer their ground, the Stadio Olimpico for their 360 World Tour. Juventus have now rescheduled the match for the same date but at the Modena stadium some 200 miles away from their home ground – much to annoyance of their fans.

Confirming the news to the Irish Times, Shamrock Rovers chairman Jonathan Roche said: ‘apparently U2 have the stadium booked as part of their European tour so the venue is being moved to Modena’.

Well, if U2 haven’t got the power to move you they’ve definitely got the power to move entire football matches.

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