Typical Tories

As is customary for a Tory government, budget cuts have been imposed all over the public sector, with plenty of jobs being binned for good measure. In the world of sport, it’s UK Sport, Sport England and the new UK anti-doping agency, Sport England and the new UK anti-doping agency that will have to make cuts of three per cent, while The Olympic Delivery Authority will also have to save £27million.

In total the cuts will see a saving of £88million, with the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (which includes the above agencies, apart from the ODA) saving £61million. However these savings can apparently be made without it affecting the organisation of the 2012 Olympic Games, with cuts due to take place in pay, administration and recruitment.

‘Due to strong financial management and cost control to date the project is on a sound economic footing and I am confident that the ODA will be able to save £27m from our budget this year,’ said Olympic Delivery Authority chairman John Armitt. ‘This saving will be found by continuing to make efficiencies in the way the project is delivered as we have already done in the past.

‘This is possible due to the efficient way that they project has been managed. Our regular budget updates have consistently shown that we are on schedule and within budget with savings of around £600m already delivered to keep us on track.’

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