Typical Germans

Manchester United were dumped out of the Champions league last night by Bayern Munich, and Alex Ferguson isn’t very happy about it. Apparently their away goals defeat to the German side was unjust, given that United’s young full back Rafael was sent off after the Germans sneakily had fouls worthy of a yellow card committed against them, something old Alex thinks is the Germans fault. ‘Typical Germans’, indeed.

‘They got him sent off,’ said Ferguson, referring to Rafael’s stupid second yellow card. ‘There's no doubt about that and they would have never won if we had 11 men. He is a young boy, inexperienced and there's a bit of immaturity about what happened but they got him sent off. Typical Germans.

‘That sending off changed the game. I thought they were typical professionals in the way they saw the opportunity and forced the referee. It was only a slight tug at the boy and, Jesus, he was 35 yards from goal. He was having a marvellous game and it's a tragedy for him but the ref wasn't going to do anything until they forced him to get a card out. But we've seen that before from teams like that.

‘I don't think the best team got through. They got a deflected free-kick [in the first leg] and a goal in injury-time, so you have to say they carried their luck. We have had occasions when we have had luck and I think they have this time. It's hard to digest. In one way we could say we have thrown it away; in another we've been very unlucky.’

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