Twitter rules annoy Andy Roddick

Tennis players have been handed down a series of rules about the use of Twitter at the U.S. Open that have got a few of them a teeny bit annoyed. Andy Roddick for one, who is justifiably angry at the Tennis Integrity Unit for telling them how to use Twitter; both when they’re on the court and off it.

The Tennis Integrity Unit is worried about inside information being purposefully or accidentally being given to organised gambling organisations, but Roddick thinks that the players are smart enough not to do that.

‘I think its lame the U.S. Open is trying to regulate our tweeting,’ he wrote on Twitter. ‘I understand the on-court issue but not sure they can tell us if we can’t do it on our own time … we’ll see.

‘I definitely respect the rule about inside info and on court, but you would seriously have to be a moron to send “inside info” through a tweet.’

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