Tribute paid to Higuita's scorpion kick

Football fans are always trying to pay homage to their heroes both on and off the pitch. Zidane named his son after the Uruguayan legend Enzo Francescoli, Beckham's ever changing hairstyles have been the scourge of barbers the world over while children and over the hill five-a-side merchants have been doing one too many a step over since Cristiano Ronaldo burst onto the scene at Utd.

This trend was continued in a recent Belgian league game between Gent and Standard Liege. Ecuadorian goalkeeper Rorys Aragon Espinosa paid tribute to his hero Rene Higuita. And what better way to pay homage to the Colombian mentalist than recreating his 1995 scorpion kick during the friendly against England at Wembley.

Espinosa doesn't quite manage to live up to Higuita's high standards, and his haircut can't compare to the Colombian's Soul-Glo style permed barnet, but hats off for giving the scorpion kick a go.

Higuita's scorpion kick
Rorys Aragon Espinosa's tribute to Higuita

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