Trash talk

Amir Khan is set to make his debut appearance in the USA this Sunday with his fight against New Yorker Paulie Malignaggi in his home town venue of Madison Square Garden this Sunday, and as seems to be standard for a big-time bout the pair have been blabbering on about each other. Malignaggi has called Khan ‘arrogant’ and explained that he’s never disliked anyone like he’s disliked Khan, while Khan himself seems to think his trash talk is a sign of fear.

‘Perhaps he's believing all of the publicity he's been having back in the UK, but, believe me, that will count for nothing when he climbs into the ring with me,’ said Malignaggi, who most British boxing fans will remember for his beating at the hands of Ricky Hatton in 2008. ‘I honestly don't think I have had a dislike for an opponent more than I have for this guy. The arrogance he has shown coming into this fight has really angered me.’

‘I've fought a lot of guys who talk a lot but he has to be the number one guy for talking,’ said 23-year-old Khan. ‘I just can't wait to beat him and shut him up properly so he's going to end up thinking about not coming back. It's quite funny really when you hear the remarks. I think when a fighter talks a lot of trash he's probably scared or he's trying to put something in my head to scare me.

‘Paulie’s not one of those fighters who talks trash to sell a fight. He's doing it because I think he's under a bit of pressure and he's got a bit of fear in him. So he just wants to scare me so I'm on the same level as him but I'm nice and chilled out.’

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