Transfer mayhem

A new record was set by the Premier League last night – its 20 current clubs managed to squander more than £200 million in transfers. Let’s just take a moment to think about that, shall we? That’s £200 million – enough to build several hospitals.

So many of the players just don’t seem to be worth the money clubs are willing to pay for them, either. Alan Hutton, undoubtedly a good player… but for £9 million? Jonathan Woodgate, surely one of the game’s more fragile talents, for £8 million? We wonder how many games he’ll play consecutively for Spurs. Diarra, for £5.5 million, after being an abject failure at Arsenal?

We are totally in awe of anyone skilful enough to make it as a professional footballer. But we’re equally saddened by the ludicrous over-inflation of their worth.

Here endeth our moan.

(Image: from timparkinson’s flickr stream)

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