Tournament poker for advanced players; time to get involved!

When it comes to poker the Tournament Poker for Advanced Players is like a 101 of how to prep for poker tournaments. It is an absolute necessity as far a literature on the game of poker is concerned.

In this book the author David Sklanksy will teach you all the secrets of poker that you just wouldn't know about until you play the big dogs. Poker pros read books and tips constantly to try and gain a new edge in the game and this is one of those books you simply have to read. It is available from amazon.co.uk for only £20.99.

David Sklanksy has written a lot of poker books and this is definitely a must have for tournament players. It teaches things like the Gap Concept in detail and also contains his infamous 'The System' article which is definitely worth a read.

If you really want to go further into the details of the game then 'Tournament Poker for Advanced Players' might not be what you are looking for as it is very focused on one particular style of poker. You may actually be looking for his 'Theory of Poker' book, this goes into the game from start to finish in detail. Again this is available from Amazon for £12.99.

If you want to improve your tournament poker play then pick up a copy of David Sklanksy's Tournament Poker for Advanced Players. It is another poker book that any serious player needs to add to his arsenal.

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