Totti’s absolute dedication

The Roma captain, Francesco Totti, supplies a fantastic glimpse into the hyperbolic world of football egos in the papers today. His team wants to sign Didier Drogba – fair play, the lad can play a bit. But Totti, with unintended bathos, says he’ll fly to London himself to sign him, if that’s what it takes.

What a hero! He’ll get on a jet plane, in first class, take the three-hour (three, mind you, not two-hour) flight to London and try and persuade him to sign. What a sacrifice. What a man. We should be in awe.


This is yet another example of footballers genuinely taking themselves and the game way too seriously. If he was willing to parachute behind enemy lines in a war zone and carry a player back through a minefield to rescue him from a terrible fate and offer him the chance to rebuild his shattered life on the field of dreams, his hyperbole would be justified. As it is, he just makes himself look like a bit of a cannoli. Mmmm… cannoli…

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