Get hold of Tottenham tickets, with the Champions League the target

The Premier League season looks like being tougher than ever for the White Hart Lane club, but there is an increased demand for Tottenham tickets. Champions League qualification will be the main aim this season as the manager Harry Redknapp attempts to reclaim top 4 status for the club.

The club's website at tottenhamhotspur.com has details on how to get tickets for Premier League, FA Cup, Carling Cup and Europa League matches.

You need to register with the site to buy tickets, and priority is given to membership holders. For some Premier League matches and Europa League games, it may be possible for non-members to purchase tickets online, after members have had the chance.

Lilywhite and Bronze Memberships will give you priority for buying Premier League and Cup tickets, and away league and Cup match tickets. Bronze membership also puts your name on the season ticket waiting list. Lilywhite membership costs from £38 for an adult and Bronze membership costs from £53.

International and under-16 memberships are also available, offering priority on buying tickets, and plenty of other incentives, including flight bags and scarves.

Outside the official club site, you can find tickets for many Tottenham matches at websites like footballticketshop.com or worldticketshop.com. Expect a hefty mark-up for these tickets. A ticket for the Tottenham v Arsenal North London derby for example was priced at upwards of £295.

On the resale websites there is plenty of availability for domestic and European Tottenham tickets. Champions League games will have to wait until next season at the earliest.

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