'Tottenham? Let's reject that'

Few things are as funny as laughing at Tottenham Hotspur. It would be harsh to call them London’s equilavent of Newcastle United, but really, the difference is so minimal we’d just but splitting hairs.

Anyway, Mirko Vucinic, star striker of crisis club Roma, who are wrapped in a crippling battle for ownership and debt that has halted any opportunities for player investment in the summer, has laughed off the idea of moving to Tottenham, before they’ve even made a move for him. Better be safe than sorry, eh? You don’t want to find your agent’s seen a juicy cheque and had you transferred there while you were on your summer break, do you?

‘At the moment it's useless to talk because there aren't any offers,’ he said. ‘Obviously there are places where I would not want to go. Tottenham? Let's reject that.’ Hee hee, in your face.

‘If one should arrive I will talk with the club and we'll see. I would be sorry to leave Roma, also because I have just renewed my contract.’

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