Tottenham defence described as lackadaisical by Google much to Arsenal fans' delight

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Spurs fans were not a happy bunch today after it emerged that when you look up Tottenham in the dictionary it appears right next to the word lackadaisical. An accompanying sentence on Google points an accusing finger at the Spurs defence for being, to use some of the synonyms on offer, lax, half-hearted, blasé, indifferent or even unenthusiastic.

When you use Google to find a definition for a word, you are provided with a definition as well as an explanatory sentence showing the word in use to help people understand the word better. In this case, the sentence accompanying lackadaisical reads: "a lackadaisical defence left Spurs adrift in the second half".

Spurs, who are coming off the back of a 2-1 FA Cup defeat to Leicester City, certainly gave the definition plenty of credibility with that home defeat at the weekend. The Foxes managed to turn around a one goal deficit with 2 goals in the final 7 minutes at White Hart Lane as the Spurs defence switched off late on in a game they should have comfortably won.

As you can imagine, Arsenal fans were the group getting the most amount of laughs out of the whole thing given that it does not paint their rival's defence in the most positive light. Gunners fans took to Twitter to goad about the Google definition and stick the boot into rival fans with one fan, @tomgunner14 tweeting "A quick Google search of the word 'lackadaisical' reveals an obvious trolling of Tottenham. HAHAHA".

Google are not wholly responsible for the definition however. The search function that provides definitions to users actually pulls its' data from the Oxford University Press database. Definitions are updated there on a regular basis so it is open to you to consider whether the reference is about the current Spurs defence or a previous incarnation...

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