Tottenham crash out

What a strange experience – the game between PSV Eindhoven and Tottenham last night was weird to watch. First there didn’t seem to be anyone in the stadium. At times you could hear the ball bounce it was so quiet.

Then there was the woeful attacking in the first half. No one, not even the silky-skilled Berbatov, got a shot away. The two ‘keepers didn’t even break into a sweat.

But it was the gnawing sense that it was all going to go horribly wrong for Spurs that was so unnerving. And so it happened…

Now, we all know it’s a truism in football that if a player is transferred he will score the next time he plays against his old team – even if he’s the ‘keeper. After last night, we now know that if a player shamelessly touts himself about to be transferred, besmirching his team in the process, ends up staying where he is and is then asked to take a penalty – having never scored for his club before – he’ll miss-hit the ball and send it trickling a yard wide, losing the tie for his team and deepening the fans’ loathing for him even more. Pascal Chimbonda – who are ya?

(Image: from rolu dsgn’s Flickr stream)

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