Top Ten European Cup finals

Chelsea and Manchester United meet tomorrow night in Moscow in the Champions League final. It has all the ingredients to be a classic: the 50th anniversary of the Munich air disaster, Scholes appearing in the Champions League final after missing out in '99, Avram Grant trying to save himself from the chop, and Drogba hoping to make Rooney eat his words.

But there is also the possibility that the game will be an absolute snore fest. More than likely it'll be won by a single goal from a set piece with both teams too afraid to take any chances owing to the importance of the final result.

As part of the countdown to the tomorrow's showdown the historians at The Sun have compiled a Top Ten of the greatest European Cup finals in the world ever. It's got all the classics Manchester United's 1968 triumph, AC Milan's 4-0 win over Barcelona and - the mind still boggles at how Djimi Traore won the Champions League - Liverpool's amazing comeback in 2005. Check out the videos below.

Liverpool-AC Milan (2005) Real Madrid-E. Frankfurt (1960)
Man United-Bayern Munich (1999) AC Milan-Barcelona (1994)
Benfica-Real Madrid (1962) Man United-Benfica (1968)
Real Madrid-Reims (1956) Celtic-Inter Milan (1967)
AC Milan-Steaua Bucharest (1989) The Pool-B. Monchengladbach (1977)

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