Tony Adams named new Portsmouth manager

Tony Adams has been named the new manager of Portsmouth following the departure of Harry Redknapp last week. The former Arsenal defender was Redknapp's assistant at Pompey for the last two years.

Adams has set his sights on another top ten finish for the club but says that he won't stop any unhappy players leaving the club in January if they wish to follow Redknapp to Spurs.

'I want people who want to play for Portsmouth. Absolutely. It would be the case wherever. The manager at Arsenal would be no different. If you said to him you didn't want to play for Arsenal he would let you go' Adams said.

'You've got to have players who are happy and want to play for the football club 100%. That's got to be crystal clear. It's no good having players who don't want to play for you. It does you no good in the end. That's my experience.'

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