Ton up for Becks

Former footballer and current LA Galaxy pin-up David Beckham is in the news telling us all he’s training hard to get his 100th cap against Switzerland in February.

Ab Fab (or Mr Capello as David calls him) must be delighted. At the new dawn of English football, Yabba-Fabba-Do needs a blend of youth and experience against the mighty Swiss. And we’re not joking. Their top marksman – Gustav Rolex – has been banging them in for the Swiss Unibond champions, AFC Grasshopper Real United Dynamo Express.

Okay, we are joking. But after our dismal performance against the canny Croats, no fixture is a shoe-in for the Three Lions these days.

Will Agbonlahor get a spot in the squad? He should do…

(Image: from YouTube)

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