Tom Hicks and George Gillett lose high court battle

Tom Hicks and George Gillett have failed in their attempt to seize control of Liverpool FC at the High Court in London today. It brings to an end the boardroom war that saw the American owners try to stop the sale of the club to New England Sports Ventures.

The pair had even gone as far as to try and remove the members of the board and replace them with their yes men in order to keep the club in their hands. However Mr Justice Floyd said that they had no right to block the sale, which will almost certainly now go ahead.

‘I am absolutely elated, it's a very important day for our club,’ said chairman Martin Broughton as he left the Royal Courts of Justice in London. ‘This will clear the way for the sale, we will have a board meeting this evening and proceed with the sale.

‘It has been an anxious time but we have been confident. But when you go to court you can never be sure. The board has to be reconstituted and I can't prejudge what the board is going to say. It would be inappropriate to prejudge what the board may say.

‘But the club's going to have a great future. We will re-establish the right basis for the club. The acquisition debt that has been plaguing us will be gone, we have a great future. We will get the right owners for the fans.’

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