Tom Daley's dad dies aged 40

Robert Daley, the father of teenage diving champion Tom Daley, has died at the age of 40 after he lost his battle with brain cancer.

Daley, who was a regular presence at his 17-year-old son’s diving events and press conferences, died on Friday night with his family. It follows the deterioration of his health after a tumour returned, five years after he had originally diagnosed with the illness.

‘When Rob and I walked into Tom's post-victory press conference at the 2009 World Championships, there was a slight feeling of embarrassment mainly because Rob had a very private moment with Tom in front of the world's media,’ said Jamie Cunningham, who is part of the diver’s press team. ‘However, it was actually not about ego. Rob had just watched his 15-year-old son become Britain's youngest ever world champion. He had not been able to congratulate him for nearly an hour... Rob was just being Rob, passionate and proud.

‘Tom Daley is without doubt the most impressive teenager I have ever met – both as a sportsman and a human being. That is the biggest compliment that I can pay Rob. We will miss you Rob, but we will cherish your memory.’

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