Tom Daley going to the next level

New world platform diving champion Tom Daley has spoken about how he plans to take his diving to the next level. The 15-year-old Brit performed well in winning his gold medal, but his victory is also widely believed to be down to established stars – including Olympic champion Matthew Mitchum – performing well under par.

However he will now be looking to ramp up the difficulty of his dives (over a rating of 3.4, well below the 3.8 rating of Mitchum), and that requires training, training and more training with coach Andy Banks. Which can be a problem is you suffer from confidence issues.

‘I've got a six-month block of training,’ he said to The Guardian. ‘The new dives I'm going to do are very scary. You just have to be positive with yourself and have the right mentality. You have to believe in what your coach says. Your coach knows when you're ready and you can feel it yourself deep down.

‘We have a psychologist who comes down with the team, Kate Hays... and if we have problems with the dives or if we get scared we can talk to her and we have different techniques to get over it.

‘I don't always see many positives at a training session and she basically said list the positive things about yourself and diving and I only listed a couple, where other elite athletes were listing lots of things. So one of the techniques she used to make me more positive was to write down after a training session any positive comments that my coach had made.’

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