Time to change history

Manchester City face local rivals Manchester United in the FA Cup semi-finals tomorrow, charged with winning the team’s first trophy in 34 years, and manager Roberto Mancini has said that this is the time for City to ‘change history’.

City have been in United’s shadow for as long as anyone can remember, and up until the arrival of mega-rich owners always had the popular identity of badly run, if well-supported, club lurching from one crisis to the next. Now if the beat United they will be massive favourites to win the FA Cup, and maybe change the whole mentality that surrounds the club.

‘All my players should understand very well that this is a big moment for us,' said Mancini. 'The first trophy is the hardest but it is time for City to win something.

‘I know we have improved a lot. When you build a new team you can always lose matches, like we did against Liverpool. It is the first time in a year that we played like that. And it was better to happen at Liverpool than on Saturday.

‘The important thing is that we don't go there and think about the enormity of the game. We cannot afford for our heads to get full with the occasion.When we started the season our target was to reach the Champions League and try to win a trophy.

‘We are one month away from the end of the season and we are in a good way. Now it depends on us - at this moment, we should be happy.’

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