Tim Cahill prepared to postpone Premier League kick off

Everton goal getter Tim Cahill has said that he and his fellow professional footballers should be prepared to postpone the start of the Premier League season after the rioting and looting that has destroyed huge tracts of our capital and other major cities.

Cahill, who has now lived in England for 14 years, is due to play for Everton at Tottenham, where the civil unrest kicked off following the shooting of Mark Duggan by the police. Given that the police have been stretched almost to breaking point in some areas, there is every chance that the London fixtures could be called off, and Cahill says that the most important thing is rebuilding and restoring order.

'We could only play for the right reasons,' said the Aussie. 'For us if we have to sacrifice an extra week at the end of the season to finish off the games, then so be it.

'I think the main thing we have to be aware of at the moment is that it's just a football game. There are a lot of sad, sad things going on around the country and it's important the focus is on putting things right and rebuilding.

'If it doesn't go ahead it's not a big deal - football can be played at any time - the most important thing is making sure people are safe. You have to think about the police who are working day in, day out. They are human beings, we need to reward them, people need to help them. I know it's not up to us, but that is important.'

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