Tiger's lacking bite

The Open Championship starts tomorrow, and with all eyes on Tiger Woods to see if he can regain his form in Major golf, his caddy Steve Williams goes out and tells everyone just how poorly he’s playing, particularly around and on the green. Maybe he wants longer odds before he places his bet on the man, or something.

‘The practice rounds will be paramount in spending a lot of time on the greens getting a feel for lagging putts,’ said Williams. ‘You can have a lot of 40, 60, 80-foot putts there and if you complete the week without a three-putt, you're going to be near the lead.

‘Putting is the key element – that's the difference between winning and not winning. He's renowned as a good putter based on the fact that he holes a lot of putts when you have to, but there's been no consistency. It's been poor in every tournament he's played. It has been frustrating, no two ways about it. But he loves to play St Andrews. I've made it very clear to him what he has to do and that the onus is going to be on putting.’

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