Tiger Woods slips back

Tiger Woods' second round at the WGC Invitational didn't go quite as well as his first: the former world number one shot one over par yesterday, putting himself seven shots off the lead going into the weekend.

Woods is now at one under par for the tournament, an impressive enough score given he'd not played a round of golf for 12 weeks, and the man himself is pretty happy with him performance, especially tee-to-green. If he gets into the groove and finds his putting form, not only will Woods be a threat at this tournament, he might start troubling the engravers of major trophies again.

'I didn't putt as well as I did yesterday, and consequently I just never got the round going,' he said. I know my stats don't show it, but just the way I'm driving the golf ball - I'm so close to putting the ball on a string, so it's coming.

'I got so much more compression and the ball is just going. I've just got to get used to that and trust the number. I'm hitting the ball numbers I've never hit before.'

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