Tiger Woods pulls out of The Open

To the surprise of pretty much nobody, Tiger Woods has pulled out of The Open, citing injury problems that has bugged him since he pulled out of the Players Championship in mid-May.

Woods hasn't played competitively since then, and now the injury to his left leg is going to cost him his place at the biggest major tournament of the season. Doubts that he'll ever play again, let alone at his previous level, have been expressed, but Woods himself says that he'll be back and that he's optimistic about his chances of winning more titles.

'I think my best years are still ahead of me and I'm very confident and optimistic about the future,' he said. 'I am only going to come back when I'm 100% ready. I do not want to risk further injury.

'In hindsight, I probably shouldn't have competed at the Players, but it's a big event and I wanted to be there to support the tour. I've got to learn from what I did there and do it right this time and not come back until I'm ready.'

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