Tiger Woods looking to recapture form

Everyone knows that without Tiger Woods, golf is a much less interesting sport: notwithstanding the fact that it means that other golfers have a chance to win stuff now, and not be overshadowed by Wood's brilliance, they're just not as interesting as he is. So it's nice to hear that he's on he way back into best form – according to him at least.

Woods is making yet another tour comeback at the Frys.com Open at Cordevalle Golf Club on Thursday, and has a task on his hands to get back to the top: he hasn't played since bowing out of the USPGA Championship with injury in August, and he has recently dropped out of the top 50 in the world rankings. So he has spent the last few weeks with his new caddy Joey LaCava on his own Florida course, trying to iron out the kinks and get himself tournament ready. He's even shot a score of 62.

'Success for this week? Getting the 'W',' Woods told the official USPGA Tour website. 'I've been playing a lot of holes and getting my instincts back.

'Joey (LaCava) came out here a couple of days ago and worked the course and got all the numbers. I told him what I wanted on each hole. So far I have struggled on the pace, I've been trying to get a feel for the course and I have to do some work on that.

'I hadn't posted that low a round in a long time, so it felt good to do so. I've turned the corner and have been shooting some good rounds. It was pretty good to post a 62. It was a pretty easy round. I needed to play holes, hit shots and feel the winds. Every day is hot in Florida, but there are winds. I have worked my way back gradually.'

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