Tiger Woods lets it rip

Tiger Woods made a sensational return to the golf course yesterday, shooting a superb two-under par in his first round at the WGC Invitational at Akron, Ohio.

The former world number one and 14-time major title winner had been out of action since May, when he pulled out of the Players Championship, but he was back on rip-snorting form on his return, power drives straight own the fairway and threatening birdies at nearly every hole. It was a great site to behold, and hopefully this means that the Tiger can keep himself fit enough for long enough to start winning majors again. The man himself is certainly pleased.

'I have done all the work. I have done all the training and all the rehab. It's time to let it go... to let it rip,' he said. 'I felt nerves on the first tee, just like I did after that long lay-off over the winter (of 2009-10) and the surgeries I've had in the past. But that first shot was awesome. I felt right then that I was back.

'Anyone who has been out of the game or a while will tell you they are a bit nervous about coming back. But my practice sessions had been good so there was no need to be too worried. I just went out there and let it rip.

'The hardest part was controlling the distances, I was hitting it so flush. I've got so much more speed and compression through impact. The ball's taking off and I was hitting numbers I've never hit before. It was fun.'

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