Tiger admits he has underperformed at Ryder Cup

Tiger Woods has admitted that his Ryder Cup record has been unimpressive, but believes there is still a chance to remedy that particular glitch in an illustrious golfing career.

Woods has only been on a Ryder Cup winning side once and that was 13 years ago at Brookline. Some less than enthusiastic comments about the Ryder Cup in the past have provoked critics to suggest that Woods is uneasy in the team context.

Woods took the blame for the disappointments. "I am responsible for that because I didn't earn the points that I was put out there for," Woods said. "I certainly am a part of that and that's part of being a team. I needed to go and get points for my team and didn't do it. Hopefully I can do that this week, hopefully the other guys do the same and we can get this thing rolling."

Woods has recovered his form in recent tournaments, and seems to have belatedly discovered what it means to represent the nation. "There is so much heat on you, which is very different to playing by yourself. Playing for your team-mates just adds that element. It means so much because it is our country."

He draws inspiration from that solitary Cup victory at Brookline and the US team’s last day comeback. "That was certainly an experience. I've never been part of anything like that. I have never seen a comeback like that in golf, in a team atmosphere. It is something that I will never, ever forget."

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