Get hold of tickets for UEFA Champions League matches

The group draw threw up some appetizing matches, and there will be a big demand for tickets for some Uefa Champions League matches. We looked at the best online sources for tickets, if you aren't a member of a club ticket scheme.

Tickets are sold by the clubs involved in the matches or centrally by Uefa (www.uefa.com). English clubs give priority to their season-ticket holders and subscribers to their membership schemes, but it is usually possible to buy tickets at the box-office, at least for group stage games.

In Europe fans tend to be rather casual about turning up for the Champions League group stage, especially if the games are against modest opposition. In practice it is often possible to turn up at the ticket office a day or so before a game and buy a ticket for a match for around 30 euros.

This is particularly likely at clubs like Barcelona, Real Madrid or Milan, where the stadium capacities are huge. Many British fans enjoy midweek city breaks in Spanish or Italian cities, and take in a top-class game. Check www.barcelonafootballtickets.com for information on how to see Europe's top club in action.

If you have a few thousand euros burning a hole in your pocket, and want to guarantee a seat for the final, head to http://championsleagueticketservice.com, an organisation that sells tickets unofficially, on the secondary market.

They are offering tickets for the Champions League final in Munich at the Allianz Arena. Prices start at 1890 euros for a seat behind the goal. A seat in the corners will set you back 2190 euros and a side view costs 2490 euros.The prices appear alarmingly steep but will be higher when the finalists are known.

Football Club Tickets (www.footballclubtickets.bz) has final tickets at rather lower prices, ranging from £1000 to £1750. This website buys and sells tickets for UEFA Champions League matches, so it's a useful resource for those hard-to-find tickets for the big games.


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