Where to buy tickets for the London Olympics

When tickets for the London Olympics went on sale there was an expected rush to book them. The tickets were sold out within hours as were the second batch. There are still tickets available but these are largely through competitions now. However the site is also giving ticket holders the chance to resell them via the official site if it becomes clear that they can no longer use them.

When the tickets were made available on the official site there was a ballot procedure, this procedure is currently active for the Paralympics, this process runs until 6pm on the 26th October. The official site no longer has tickets for the main games.


Many of the sponsors of the games are running competitions to win tickets for them. A lot of these competitions can be found online by using a simple Google search or by checking the Sponsors websites. Commercial Partners can also be located on the official site.

BP is offering 11 pairs of tickets to be won between the 22nd August and the 3rd October 2011. This competition requires entrants to spend £20 on fuel which gets them a scratch card. They then go online and enter a prize draw via the website. A lot of these competitions are run this way, requiring entrants to buy goods or services in order to enter the competition.

Other sites such as Visa Golden Space which is a free prize draw, however to enter the competition you do have to enter the prices of any recent Visa transactions. This isn’t so bad for entrants as they would probably be using the card to make purchases anyway.

Other sites such as Scottish Widows offer tickets not for the main games, but for the opening ceremony, this might appeal to more peoplethan just sports fans as the opening ceremony will be a very important and impressive part of the games.

Package Deals

Holiday agents such as Thomas Cook are offering package deals were people can purchase tickets for the London Olympics and accommodation in one place.

Tickets can be purchased via the site or in shops. They have a selection of tickets for events such as the Closing Ceremony, or Volleyball preliminaries.The tickets obviously vary depending on the event. Prices start from £99 per person for Volleyball rising to £479 for the Paralympics opening ceremony. The average event price appears to be around £150-£200 depending on the event.

It is worth noting that the official site does advise that the reselling of tickets is prohibited except through the official channels.Tickets should not be bought or sold via any other sites unless they are officially connected to the games.

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