Getting tickets for the London Olympics 2012

Getting tickets for the London Olympics 2012 will certainly not be easy. The event is so popular and in-demand that purchasing them outright is a near impossibility. Instead, tickets are  being sold on a lottery platform, and not everyone who applies for a ticket may get the opportunity to buy one.

Originally, more than 1.5 million tickets were held back for sale in late November and early December. However, those sales have been pushed back until next spring, 2012.

Those few who've already won tickets in the first rounds of draws are extremely lucky, but those who hope to win the chance to purchase the most popular sports ticket in the world will have to wait a bit longer. Currently, the 2012 Paralympics have tickets available until September 26, and organisers are expecting sell-out crowds across the board.

According to the official London Olympics website, at http://www.london2012.com/visiting/tickets/, you can get tickets through an innovative programme called Ticketshare. Ticketshare is an option for schools, military service people and other organisations that gives access to events to those who might not be able to afford it.

Thomas Cook also offers packages called "Games Breaks," short Olympics holiday packages where you can purchase flight, hotel and event passes. You can find out more about this option at http://www.thomascooklondon2012.com/.

Keep in mind when you purchase your tickets in the spring, you'll have to have a Visa card. It's the only form of payment Olympic organisers will accept.

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