Wondering where to find tickets for the golf open at Sandwich 2011?

Are you a massive golf fan eager not to miss out on any of the action at the upcoming British Open? These tickets can be an unbelievably difficult thing to get your mitts on, but in this blog, we believe we have found the right sites offering tickets for the Golf Open at Sandwich 2011 so you won't miss out on any of the action.

Considered the oldest and most important of the golf majors (at least to people on this side of the Atlantic), the British Open attracts a huge crowd every single year, with plenty of fans left completely devoid of tickets. Obviously the first place we suggest you check out to find these golden tickets is the official British Golf Open site at www.britishopengolf.co.uk. This site has all the info on when tickets go on sale, their price, and also the myriad special hospitality packages that will be available to you closer to the date. It is an essential first stop on your hunt for a ticket.

Another brilliant resource for information, and also for people reselling their tickets is the Open Golf site at www.opengolf.com. This site is officially backed by the British Golfing Association, so it carries a huge amount of information about the event, and the surroundings, meaning you won't get caught out if you mean to make the pilgrimage.

A final site that is well worth a look is the Sandwich Open Golf site at www.sandwichopengolf.com/. Again, this site offers tickets and a rough guide to the area. So between those three sites, you should find absolutely everything you need to get yourself a great deal on this fantastic tournament.

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