Stay ahead of the rest by checking ticket prices for Wimbledon now

That comfortable seat on Centre Court next July won't reserve itself. Now is the time for a little planning, and for checking on the ticket prices for Wimbledon. You might need to start saving.

If you want to be certain of precious Centre Court tickets on a particular date, then you will need to buy Members Debenture tickets, and you will need to have an understanding bank manager or a substantial disposable income. Nobody is pretending these tickets are cheap.

There is a wide range of dates and packages available at www.wimbledonticketsonline.co.uk, ranging from £720 for a midweek Centre Court ticket with a Members' Lounge pass, up to £3,650 for Centre Court ticket on men's final day on Sunday 8 July. Slightly more palatable are the prices for No 1 Court, with tickets starting at £375. Before you whip out the credit card though, remember that these tickets are sold in pairs, so you'll need to double your money.

The final prices might seem daunting, but these tickets can be resold, and of course the value will shoot up should Andy Murray manage to make it one stage further than he managed in 2010 and 2011 and provide a British finalist.

Those of us who need to watch the pennies a little more closely have the option of entering the ticket ballot. Details of the process are available from the All England Club (www.aeltc2011.wimbledon.com). Follow the instructions very carefully as they are sticklers for rules, and any deviation from the set procedure will result in your missing out.

Application forms for the ballot are available now and must be returned by the end of 2011. Ballots will take place between February and June 2012. Successful applicants will have the option of paying for their seats online.  Prices have not yet been fixed, but in 2011 Centre Court tickets were between £43 and £68. Note that ballot tickets are not transferable, so this is not the way to make some quick cash.

For those who miss out, there is always the consolation prize of a ground entry ticket, for around £20 before 5pm, and around £14 for the evening play. These will be the cheapest ticket prices for Wimbledon, by some distance.


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