Tiago locks Juventus president in the toilet

An interesting story from Serie A involving some bathroom shenanigans. Juventus and ex-Chelsea midfielder Tiago Mendes took an original approach to turning down a proposed year long loan to Everton: he locked Juventus president Giovanni Cobolli Gigli in the toilet.

Gigli, speaking to reporters from Sky Italia, confirmed that the Portuguese player was so angry with the club's attempts to move him on that he took matters into his own hands and locked him in the jacks. Luckily for the club president, Juventus striker Alessandro Del Piero responded to his calls offering to break the door down.

Strangely it looks as if Tiago won't be punished for the incident. The ex-Lyon midfielder has even been included in Juventus' Champions League squad. If only Hernan Crespo had known he might have pulled the same trick on Inter's Massimo Moratti.

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