They're light years ahead

Ian Holloway has said that Chelsea were light years ahead of his Blackpool team, after seeing them thoroughly thrashed by champions Chelsea 4-0 at Stamford Bridge yesterday afternoon. However, Holloway has said he will not be curbing his sides attacking instinct again, after trying to hold off Chelsea failed so miserably.

‘I thought we were absolutely useless in the first half but we drew the second half,’ said Holloway. ‘Chelsea showed a champion's mentality from the first corner and all our game plan went out of the window after about a first minute.

‘Some teams have taken us for granted but the champions didn't. Some of their movement was a bit different, I had not seen that before and it caused my players problems.

‘I should have gone back [to our normal attacking system] earlier but when I went back to what we do the game was over by then. No matter what we do against the top teams we are light years off them. They are awesome with their mental approach and the way they go about games.

‘I would have been silly to think we did not have to do something different against Chelsea but I think we would have lost no matter what we did.’

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