'They'll never be United'

David Beckham has done his best to stoke up tensions between Manchester United and City fans as the new season creeps up on us: he says that City will never overtake United, no matter how much money their Arab owners pump into the club.

City have developed themselves into contenders since the sheiks invested heavily in them, but former England international Beckham reckons that they'll never be like United, and will never have the prestige attached to their name that his boyhood club has. After all, it's United who have Londoners claiming United as their team, not City.

'The money that has been pumped in has been incredible,' he said. 'Players have been bought and that does a lot for the club and for the team. But United have that history and it's not all about paying fortunes for players.

'It's important the players get along with each other – that makes team spirit. As much as they have got the money to bring players in, sometimes that doesn't work. If they continue they will be a threat but there are no guarantees. I don't know. I haven't been around their team and their squad and I wouldn't want to be around Man City. But if they continue to bring players in, then who knows? You saw it with Chelsea when Roman (Abramovich) arrived. They won two leagues and they won them on the trot. It works sometimes but hopefully it won't work at City.'

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