'There would have been a international incident'

Andy Flower, the England team director, has said that his team were right to have the run-out apeal against Ian Bell withdrawn, saying that if England had done the same thing against India in Mumbai there would have been an 'international incident'.

The second Test almost exploded in a wave of controversy after Bell was given out after he walked away from the crease and the bails were removed, thinking that it was time for drinks and not aware that in fact play had not stopped. India withdrew their appeal after England's team, coaching staff and fans went mad, and went to lose the match with a day to spare. Despite even Bell himself admitting he had been stupid to move away from the crease, Flower maintains they did the right thing.

'We didn't think sitting in our changing room and fuming quietly to ourselves was going to do any good,' he said. 'We thought communicating like that would be the way to go. We felt that Bell wasn't attempting to take a run and therefore we wanted to ask the Indian side to reconsider their appeal.

'You should also consider what their reaction would have been if the England side had run out an Indian player like that. I'm not convinced there wouldn't have been uproar.

'If an England side had done that in Mumbai, I think there would have been a proper international incident on the cards. I don't think that's being overly dramatic. We've seen similar things happen before. In evaluating the situation, I don't think you should have double standards.'

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