There is no rift

Frank Lampard has claimed that there is no rift within the England camp, and that any talk of a France-style implosion is just that - paper talk. He also stuck up for his Chelsea captain John Terry, and claimed that his words had been taken out of context by the English football press.

‘The manager just spoke to us,’ said Lampard. ‘We watched the Algeria game, which we know was a poor performance, we addressed that game, the manager addressed it, and that was it. It is overdone to call it a crisis meeting.

‘It wasn't the case (that it was a crisis meeting) but I can understand where John is coming from. He's passionate, he's like that for Chelsea and England. People are different, the messages I've had was that John just wanted to hit things head on.

‘You have up and down moments and people try to find different factions, but that's not the case, there are no factions in the camp. We're just focusing on Wednesday. We want to beat Slovenia and give the country something to be happy about.’

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