There is no problem

Alex Ferguson has claimed that he has no problem with Manchester United fans protesting against the Glazer’s ownership of the club, despite the fact that he says that he’s not had any problem with them since they took over. United fans are angry that the Glazer’s have unloaded the debt they took up to buy the club back onto it, meaning that one of the biggest and most profitable clubs in the world is now staring at a humungous debt that would bankrupt three clubs, but Ferguson says things are fine at United.

‘I'm never against protest,’ he said to The Guardian. ‘I've been brought up in protest all my life. I was involved in the (Govan shipyards) apprentices’ strike of 1961... It's everyone's right, there's no doubt about that.

‘My problem with it, being manager of Manchester United, is that I've got owners who have never caused me any bother. Any time I've asked for money they've given it to us... The debt has concerned a lot of people. David Gill has had a lot of chats with the staff to settle them down, to assure them everything's fine. As far as I'm concerned, I bought (Chris) Smalling for big money (£10m). So for me, life goes on. As I say, the Glazers have been fine with me, I've never had any problem.’

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