'The worst moment of my career'

Birmingham City manager Alex McLeish has said that being relegated is the worst moment of his career. The Blues were dumped out of the Premier League after losing 2-1 at Tottenham, and even a draw at White Hart Line wouldn’t have been enough, as Stephen Hunt’s 87th minute goal for Wolves would have kept them up on goals scored, despite losing 3-2 at home to Blackburn.

Relegation caps off a strange season for the Blues, who also won their first piece of silverware in nearly half a century when they lifted the Carling Cup. However since then they have won only two games, and finished the season with an appalling one point from 18. As a result they have now dropped into the Championship.

‘It's probably the worst moment of my career because I've been in charge of the team for the whole season, they are my lads, I picked them and I built the squad,’ McLeish said. ‘It's a low for me in my career but it's not fatal and I'll bounce back. I've got a good contract and, as far as I'm aware, I'll be honouring that.

‘The Carling Cup did (take it out of us). Maybe you could look at Arsenal as well in terms of their results between then and now, although I can't really put the blame on that. We've had a lot of injuries. Was it a result of the Carling Cup? I don't know. We got every ounce out of these players.

‘It's such a fine line. If the goal that put us out of the Premier League had gone the other way, it would have been the greatest season in Birmingham's history. If you are saying (the choice between) staying in the league but sacrificing the Carling Cup, then of course I would (sacrifice the cup).’

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